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  • Dear business owners,
    Creating written materials – brochures, newsletters, website copy, educational materials, you name it – doesn’t need to be a headache, a nagging concern or a wish list item that never gets done.
    Do yourself a favour and take it off your to-do list.
    Contact Kate
    or head on over to The Pitch (not soccer related. Sorry!) where you can learn more about what I can do for you.
  • Conference and event planners, do you need help pulling together promotional material or sessions for your next event? Everybody has a story and every event has an angle. Let me take care of that writing or planning for you. (Psst… I have experience and come with great references. Get in touch and I’ll tell you more about that.)

Looking for something else entirely? Best of luck with that, weary traveler! If you think I might ever be of service to you, feel free to keep in touch!

One love, or yours in service,

~Kate Mc.



Kate McCaffery
Toronto, Barrie and points in between, Ontario

Phone: (705) 436-3397
E-mail: katemccaffery@yahoo . com

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