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Kate McCaffery is a Toronto-based freelance writer with extensive experience creating technical, educational and daily news copy for members of the financial services industry.

Since hitting the road in Recession 2009, that experience and client list has expanded to include lifestyle and travel writing, consumer-facing corporate copywriting, small-business marketing, consumer-oriented business news and trade publishing in other fields as well.

Looking for ideas? Here’s a list of the subjects I’ve worked on in life, articles, and past campaigns:

  • Aging, capacity and disability planning
  • Advisor communications
  • Alternative gardening (small space, straw bale, hydroponic, aquaponic)
  • Canadian Federal Budget
  • Canadian Financial Services
  • Cannabis in Canada (legalization, legislation, product description and research)
  • Children and money
  • Community-building
  • Consumer products
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Death, dying, bereavement
  • Economic forecasting
  • Family finance
  • Family storytelling
  • Financial literacy
  • Group benefits
  • Hospice, end of life care
  • Hyper-local marketing
  • Inter-generational asset transfer
  • Outdoor classroom development
  • Regulation, regulated industries
  • Sales force communications
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Trading systems

My clients:
Advisor’s Edge, Advisor.ca
Benefits Canada
Avraham Byers, Breakthrough Personal Financial Trainers
Canadian Insurance Magazine
Chill Magazine, Chill Media Inc.
Flowertown Chinchilla
John Hall, Freedom 55 Financial
Le Journal de l’assurance
Marketing Magazine
Metro newspapers
Miller Ellis Photography
The Insurance & Investment Journal
Richardson GMP Limited
Simon Reilly, the Leading Advisor
Totem Communications, CAA Magazine
and Your Business?

My (former) employers:
Advisor’s Edge, Advisor’s Edge Report, Advisor.ca (Rogers Media)
Investment Executive (Transcontinental Media)
Southam Business and Information Group
The Canadian Press

Partners and people I work with
Did you think I do it all?
No way. For specific expertise, I turn to these folks:

Cathy Witlox, copy-editor extraordinaire.
[WordWitlox, www.wordwitlox.com]

Lisa Kmetz, transcription master.
[Lisa does bookkeeping too: www.lkmetzservices.com]

Need public relations help? I have a list of people I turn to for that as well. Feel free to get in touch.